Saudi gov’t bans expats to enter Makkah starting May 26

The gate of Makkah. (Al Arabiya/YouTube/screenshot)

Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – The Saudi government has imposed a ban on entry to Makkah for expatriates without permission starting Thursday (May 26).

This was in line with the implementation of the instructions with regard to regulating the hajj pilgrimage for this year, Brig. Gen. Sami Al-Shuwairekh, the spokesman for Public Security said.

“As per these instructions, only expatriates who obtain a permit for entry to Makkah will be allowed into the holy city from Thursday, Shawwal 25 corresponding to May 26. They can obtain permits from the security control centers at the entry points to Makkah,” he said.

All vehicles and residents who do not have the required documents will be turned back, he said while noting that these documents include an entry permit to work at the holy sites issued by the competent authority, residency permit (iqama) issued from Makkah, umrah (the minor hajj) permit, and hajj permit.

Source: Saudi Gazette

Reporting by Indonesia Window

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