Senator Prof. Dailami gives scholarships to 20 Palestinian students

Senator Prof. DR. H. Dailami Firdaus (2nd right) accompanied by his siblings has provided scholarship to 20 Palestinian students to study at the Jakarta-based As-syafiiah Islamic University (UIA). At the same time chairperson of BKMT DR. Hj. Syifa Fauzia handed over BKMT Peduli Assistance amounting to 1,6 billion rupiahs (1 US dollar = about 15,500 rupiahs) to Deputy Palestinian Ambassador Ahmad Mettani here on Tuesday (December 19, 2023). (Photo: the Jakarta-based As-syafiiah Islamic University (UIA)

Prof. DR. Dailami Firdaus said the cruelty of the Israeli army against the Palestinian people is heartbreaking. “We must help them with what we can do,” he said.


Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – An Indonesian senator, Prof. DR. Dailami Firdaus has provided scholarships to 20 Palestinian students, at the campus of Jakarta-based As Syafi’iyah Islamic University (UIA).


Prof. DR. Dailami Firdaus made the remarks when handing over the assistance of ‘BKMT Peduli’ (BKMT Care), worth 1,6 billion rupiahs (1 US dollar = about 15,500 rupiahs) to the Palestinian people in Alawiyah Hall, Assyafiiyah Orphan Special Boarding School Complex, Campus 2 of As Syafiiyah Islamic University (UIA), in Indonesia’s Bekasi city, West Java province on Tuesday.

Badan Kontak Majelis Taklim or locally known as its abbreviation of BKMT is an organization for an Islamic study assembly.

The aid was received directly by Deputy Palestinian Ambassador to Indonesia Ahmad Mettani, witnessed by a number of Palestinian philanthropic organizations.


“The cruelty of the Israeli army against the Palestinian people is heartbreaking. We must help them with what we can,” said Prof. Dailami, who is currently an incumbent candidate representing capital Jakarta for a member of the Regional Representative Council.

According to him, the Israeli Zionists committed genocide and unequal cruelty in the history of humanity.

“They kill women and children without compassion and without a sense of humanity,” he added.



BKMT was founded by Prof. Dailami’s mother, late Dr. Hj Tutty Alawiyah. Prof. Dailami is currently the Chairman of the Board of Trustees. While the Chairperson is her sister DR. Hj Syifa Fauzia MA.

Hj Syifa Fauzia earlier said that the assistance was the second phase of delivery. The first one was handed over some time ago, and the third will be given in January 2024.


“Actually, until this morning (Tuesday, December 19, 2023) funds totaling 1,8 billion rupiahs have been collected. However, as this activity had been designed long before with the funds collected at that time, then we handed over according to what we set before. The rest will be handed over in January,” said DR. Syifa.

According to her, the empathy of BKMT members towards the sufferings of the Palestinians is very high. The donations come not only from the have, but also from the have-not.

“The amount is small. Some donated 10,000 rupiahs, and some donated 20,000 rupiahs. They donated sincerely,” she added.


She said further, there are three things that need to be considered in helping the Palestinian people. First, never stop talking about the Palestinian issue. Second, donate sincerely and entrust it to a credible and trustworthy organization. And third, give the best prayers for them.

At the end of the event, there was a talk show with Ustadz Husein Gaza and Farid Zamzamil Al Ayubi (MER-C), led by DR. Syifa.

Reporting by Indonesia Window


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