Kalimat yang paling umum untuk mengawali penjelasan mengenai suatu hal berdasarkan pendapat pribadi dalam Bahasa Inggris adalah, “I think …”

Berikut ini adalah 21 ekspresi untuk menggantikan kalimat “I think” agar kamu terdengar seperti seorang native English.

  1. I’m not going to lie …

Example: I’m not going to lie; I am pretty insulted to not be invited to my friend’s wedding.

Ungkapan ini biasanya juga disingkat menjadi, I’m not gonna lie atau Not gonna lie.

Dalam percakapan di media sosial, ekspresi ini sering diketik, NGL.

  1. In all honesty …

Example: In all honesty, I had every right to be there.

  1. In my view …

Example: In my view I should have been invited to the event.

Ungkapan ini sifatnya agak formal.

  1. If you ask me …

Example: If you ask me the garden is very beautiful, but it is a shame I saw trash in some spots.

  1. As far as I can tell …

Example: As far as I can tell, the host wasn’t really expecting me.

  1. To my mind ….

Example: To my mind, she should have been happier to see me and receive my support.


Ungkapan ini sifatnya agak formal.

  1. As far as I’m concerned …

Example: As far as I’m concerned she totally overreacted and should not have cried.

  1. The way I see things/it

Example: The way I see things, I made the family gathering a lot more interesting.

  1. As I see things/it

Example: As I see it, they obviously didn’t take me into consideration when setting up the schedule.

  1. It seems to me that …

Example: It seems to that the mother overreacted when her son tried to climb up the tree.

  1. I believe …

Example: I believe that they should have not go abroad this year.

  1. I would say/I’d say

Example: I would say the book was very interesting, but I don’t have much time to read it at the moment.

  1. I consider … to be ….

Example: I consider it to be very rude that I was forced to speed up my speech when I still had three pages left.

  1. To me …

Example: To me Arabic is more complicated than English.

  1. From my point of view …

Example: From my point of view the meeting was fruitful.

  1. It is my view/belief that …

Example: It is my view that nuclear weapons are immoral.

  1. I reckon …

Example: I reckon that we have to leave earlier to avoid the traffic jam.


Ungkapan ini sangat umum digunakan oleh orang Inggris.

  1. I honestly believe that …

Example: I honestly believe that if I hadn’t started drinking the tea, no one would have.

  1. Honestly speaking …

Example: Honestly speaking, we are quite relieved to have completed our duty before the deadline.

  1. I feel that …

Example: I feel that our paper needs more improvement.

  1. Personally speaking …

Example: Personally speaking, the speech was too long and boring.

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