“Why weren’t I the god?”

Illustration. (ARadhwa)

Once upon a time, I asked my mother, “Why weren’t I the god? Why does it have to be Allah ﷻ? ”

“If Radhwa was a god, what would you want to do?” my mother asked me casually.


I said, “If I were a god, I would do something. For example, I would eliminate bad people. I would make people who were fighting love each other. I would doom corruptors and thieves. I would make more and more good people. Shortly, I would make all the bad guys be good persons. There would be no disaster. The world would be in peace. It’s good, isn’t ”

Then, my father interrupted.

“There would be no test in our life then. The God creates humans differently to be tested. Can people act with their minds only? All humans can be wrong, but the God can’t be.”


“That is why I want to be the god, so that people would not make mistakes. Why is it only Allah ﷻ can be the God?”, I protested.

My father answered, “When you asked ‘why ’, there was still something you didn’t know, didn’t understand. Why did the God ask so many questions? In fact, the God knows everything. Do you know everything well too?”

I was embarrassed, but started to understand.


“The God is the Creator, while humans are the creatures. Can a creature create a creator? Or, can a creature create itself?”

I was speechless and started thinking again. Hmmm…

While my parents talked about other topics they saw on the television, I was thinking about what they said.


A few days later, I got an article about the 20 mandatory attributes of Allah ﷻ, and 20 impossible attributes of Allah ﷻ.

One of the mandatory attributes of Allah ﷻ is Baqa, or being eternal.

Among the impossible natures of Allah ﷻ is to die, and to be the same as other creatures.


There are many other mandatory attributes of Allah ﷻ, but those are enough to answer my question why I might not be a god.

Now that I think about it, being the God is really hard, huh?

Because the God doesn’t sleep, doesn’t eat, and is impossible to be weak, to die, and so on.


How could I be a god if I couldn’t hold from being hungry and sleepy?

“Could you hold fart, Radhwa?”, my mother asked me jokingly.

“Hahaha …,” I just laughed loudly.


Author: ARadhwa Sagena Hasyim (a 6th grade student; lives in Samarinda, East Kalimantan)

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