US recognizes Indonesia’s role in the Indo-Pacific

US recognizes Indonesia's role in the Indo-Pacific
US Defense Minister Mark Thomas Esper (left) and Indonesian Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto (right) on the sidelines of the ASEAN Defense Minister Meeting (ADMM) Retreat and the 6th ADMM Plus in Bangkok, Thailand on Saturday (Nov 16, 2019). (The Indonesian Ministry of Defense)
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Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – The United States Secretary of Defense said that the Indo Pacific is a priority for the United States (US), where Indonesia also has a very important and large role in the region.

This was conveyed by US Defense Secretary Mark Thomas Esper at a bilateral meeting with his Indonesian counterpart Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto on the sidelines of the ASEAN Defense Ministers Meeting (ADMM) and the 6th ADMM Plus in Bangkok, Thailand on Saturday (Nov 16), the Indonesian Defense Ministry said in its website as quoted by Indonesia Window here on Sunday.

The Director General of Strategy and Defense at the Indonesian Ministry of Defense, Maj. Gen. Rizerius Eko HS who on that occasion accompanied  Minister Prabowo said that the bilateral meeting between the Indonesian Defense Minister and his US counterpart discussed the two countries’ defense cooperation.

According to him, the US Secretary of Defense stated that the strategic cooperation relationship between Indonesia and the US has now been very strong.

Therefore, in the near future Defense Minister Mark Thomas will visit Indonesia.

“In the new defense strategy, the United States places the Indo-Pacific region as a factor that must be taken into account as Indonesia is a very large player in the Indo Pacific region,” Major General Rizerius said.

He added in the meeting the two ministers also stressed again the important of continuing the effort to maintain and respect the sovereignty of each country.

Responding to the development of the current situation and challenges, the US Defense Minister has invited Indonesia to always cooperate with the US in all aspects.

In addition, the meeting also discussed a number of cooperation projects that will be carried out by Indonesia and the US, including those on the special forces’ joint exercises which will resume soon, and joint exercises of the UN Peacekeeping Force.

Meanwhile, Defense Minister Prabowo expressed his desire to increase cooperation in the field of education and training, explained Maj. Gen. Rizerius.

Indonesia hopes to send some cadets to attend education in the United States, especially at the Military Academy, the Naval Academy and the Air Force Academy.

The US minister responded to this matter very openly and expressed his readiness to accept Indonesian cadets to study in the US.

Reporting by Indonesia Window

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