Taiwan occupies key position in China Sea

Countries around the South China Sea. (Google Earth/Indonesia Window)

Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – With an area of ​​approximately 35,980 square kilometers, Taiwan is ‘only’ about 0.018 percent of Indonesia’s total area of ​​1,904,569 square kilometers.

However, Taiwan, where the 101 skyscraper is located in the capital city of Taipei, is situated between the East Asia and the West Pacific regions, making the Formosa Island have a very strategic geographical position.


In addition, Taiwan, which is surrounded by the China Sea that plays a prominent role in the transportation sector, with the shortest straight line distance of 130 kilometers from China, is a shield that protects all the free islands in the American and Asia-Pacific regions.

Taiwan is situated among the East China Sea, Pacific Ocean and South China Sea, meaning that anyone crossing this traffic lane should pass through the waters around the Formosa Island.

Ultimately, important commercial or strategic maritime transportation in the Asia and Pacific regions will always be within the areas under Taiwan’s monitor.


On the other hand, as China’s economic and military strength gets stronger, its dependence on energy also increases rapidly.

As much as 85 percent of China’s crude oil and liquefied natural gas is transported via the South China Sea. Therefore, China should always ensure the safety of its energy transportation by controlling the sea area.

However, in this strategic sea lies Taiwan which effectively controls part of the South China Sea.



Since the 1970s, a number of countries have begun claiming the islands and zones in the South China Sea, such as the Spratly Islands, which are rich in natural resources and the waters are a golden fishing zone.

Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam are contesting China’s claims to nearly the entire South China Sea.


It is not only the economic value of natural resources that has made Taiwan and the Southeast Asian countries fight for the region for decades, but also the position of the South China Sea which is very strategic from political and military perspectives.

Of all the countries disputing China, it is Taiwan that plays a key role in the South China Sea as it has made China impede to mobilize its military power in the region.

Not to mention, there is a regional influence from the United States in the region that is ready to support Taiwan while blocking China’s military moves at the same time.


Source: Taipei Economic and Trade Office

Reporting by Indonesia Window


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