Saudi King Fahd Quran printing complex launches Warsh Qur’an app

The Quran with Warsh reading (qira’at). (Indonesia Window)

Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – The King Fahd Holy Quran Printing Complex has launched the Warsh Qur’an application, available on Apple, Windows and Android.

The application aims to provide recitation of Warsh, which is one of the dialects of reading the Quran or qira’ati (قِراءة), with compatible smart device applications, Arab News reported on Wednesday (Dec. 15).


The app includes many features and is available in four languages, namely Arabic, English, French and Spanish.

Users can bookmark pages and verses and modify page color, verse font, commas, bookmarks, and verse selection color. They can also access a separate information window for any chapter.

A quick-search feature is also available. The searched word is spelled out, and the results are displayed in the Ottoman drawing corresponding to the Warsh recitation.


The app provides a search history, and bookmarks automatically appear to facilitate access to previously visited pages.

Users can flip pages either by swiping or by setting a time period for pages to flip automatically. The app allows users to zoom in using portrait mode, rotate their phones and read horizontally, and use full-screen mode. A user guide is available in both written and video formats.

This app comes in line with the unlimited support that the complex receives from the Saudi leadership, which has given the printing of the Noble Quran special attention.


Reporting by Indonesia Window

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