Polish products in Indonesia guaranteed to meet halal standards

Head of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency in Jakarta, Jacek Kołomyjec. (Photo: Special)

Polish products of FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) category, such as foods, beverages, and cosmetics, in the Indonesian market are confirmed to meet halal standards according to Islamic laws.


Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – A number of Polish FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) products, including foods, beverages, and cosmetics, which have entered the Indonesian market are confirmed to meet halal standards according to Islamic laws.


These products are promoted at the Poland Festival 2022 which will take place in four cities in Indonesia, namely Jakarta, Bandung (West Java province), Surabaya (East Java province), and Sanur (Bali province) from Oct. 17to Nov. 6

Although a large number of Polish products that have entered the world’s most Muslim-populated country have been confirmed to be halal, Head of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency in Jakarta Jacek Kołomyjec mentioned that the change in the halal logo to the new one by the Indonesian Ministry of Religion Affairs, which took effect as of March 1, 2022, still becomes an issue.

“It is very important for us that all Polish producers comply with halal regulations,” Kołomyjec said in an interview with Indonesia Window here on Wednesday.


He added that most of the products from factories in Poland had followed the halal standards previously regulated by the MUI (the Indonesian Ulema Council) before there was a change in the law by the BPJPH (Halal Product Guarantee Agency) under the Ministry of Religion Affairs in 2019.

“However, now we are waiting from the Indonesian government side for the final standardization. So, we can instruct the Polish producers that this is the certifying body that is approved by the Indonesian side, and you can use the halal certificate for the Indonesia market. So, this is an ongoing process,” he said.

Polish products in Indonesia
One of Polish products is displayed at the GrandLucky superstore in Jakarta, as part of the Poland Festival 2022. (Indonesia Window)

Meanwhile, Deputy Head of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency in Jakarta Cezary Filipek on the same occasion added that Poland has two Muslim organizations that issue halal product certificates.


The two organizations, he said, are recognized by the Indonesian government, and has been trusted to issue halal certificates for years.

“In fact, Poland has sent halal products to the Middle East, such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, which means (these products) meet halal standards,” he added.

“But, two years ago the Indonesian government changes the rules, moving it from MUI to BPJPH. Until today, the government has not been clarifying any new certificate label that would be applied. Now, all countries in the world, not just Poland, are still waiting,” Filipek said.


He further emphasized, “We understand the halal standards, and we want to reach a larger market. So the bigger group of population in Indonesia can get the benefits.”

Reporting by Indonesia Window


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