Indonesia’s food estate developed with modern technology

Indonesian President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) closely observed the national food estate lands in Central Kalimantan province on Thursday (October 8, 2020). (RI’s Secretariat Cabinet)

Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – The development of Indonesia’s food estate in Central Kalimantan province will use modern agricultural technologies, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) said while closely observing the lands on Thursday.

“For fertilization, for example, we will use drones, and to plough fields we will use floating tractors. This is a special tractor,” the head of state said.


Jokowi added, by using such special tractor, farmers could work on two hectares of lands in one day.

“We will work on a very large land, so that modern tools are needed,” he said.

Indonesia’s food estate in Central Kalimantan province covers an area of ​​30,000 hectares which includes districts of Gunung Mas, Pulang Pisang, Kapuas, and Murung Raya.


“We will start (to work) in 2020 in Pulang Pisau for 10,000 hectares, then in Kapuas disrtict we will work on 20,000 hectares,” President Jokowi noted.

The head of state added that the lands will not only be developed for paddy fields, but also other food crops.

Meanwhile, the abundant water from irrigation systems applied in the agricultural lands will be used for fish cultivation.


“Through that way, we hope that farmers’ income will increase. Not only from rice, but also from oranges, onions, coconut, as well fish and ducks,” Jokowi said, adding that such an agricultural business model would be replicated in other areas.

“Once we see the results are good and successful, we will apply this business model in other areas. There will be business models (like this) per 1,000 hectares of land,” the president said.

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