Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – Being shocked on hearing the news of the death of her father, an 11-year-old Saudi girl named Hala collapsed and breathed her last 10 hours after her father’s death.

People in Majaridah in the southern Asir region performed funeral prayer together for the dead father and daughter, Al-Arabiya reported on Monday (June 6).


Hala’s uncle, Ahmed Hamza Al-Odhaiqi, said that she was emotionally very much attached to her father especially after the unexpected death of her mother earlier.

Hala lived with her father while he was working as a laboratory assistant in a school in Al-Majaridah. She accompanied her father wherever he went.

When he was hospitalized, she spent her time near his bed in earnest prayers for his recovery from his ailment. But when he was shifted to intensive care unit after his condition worsened, she was forced to return home.


When she heard the news of her father’s death in hospital, she collapsed immediately and was transferred to the hospital. All efforts to resuscitate her were in vain as she breathed her last within 10 hours after being taken to the hospital.

Al-Odhaiqi indicated that the child, who was suffering from anemia, became the victim of shock, as she could not bear the unexpected loss of her father.

He said that they offered funeral prayer for both of them together and they were transported in one vehicle and buried in adjacent graves.


Reporting by Indonesia Window

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