Gazans highly hope for Indonesia in their struggle against Israel

Indonesian humanitarian activist in Gaza, Muhamad Husein (left), in an interview with Indonesia Window in Jakarta, Friday (5/4/2024). (Indonesia Window)

Gazans highly hope for their brothers and sisters from Indonesia, who remain consistent and committed to supporting the Palestinian struggle to achieve independence.


Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – Gazans have great expectations for their brothers and sisters from Indonesia who remain consistent and committed to supporting the Palestinian struggle to achieve independence.


“I lived for 12 years in Gaza, Palestine. I am impressed by the way they consider Indonesian citizens as members of Palestinian families,” an Indonesian humanitarian activist in Gaza, Muhammad Husein, told Indonesia Window here, Friday (April 5).

Husein hoped that all people in Indonesia not to disappoint the Gazans, and the country with the second largest number of Muslims in the world after Pakistan is expected to continue to be directly involved in the Palestinian struggle against Zionist Israel.

The United States, Britain, France and several other European countries set their target not only on Palestine, but also on Muslims who have been falling victims, he said.


“Stop acting as if we are not victims, because one of the biggest factors is that we Indonesian Muslims only care (of Palestine). Change the narrative that we only care (of Palestine) because it’s not enough to just care,” he stressed.

“There is a tendency as if we don’t feel involved. However, if we feel involved and become victims, God willing, we will have the same spirit as the people of Gaza. “We will have the same fighting power and emotions as the mothers in Gaza,” he added.

He hopes that the Indonesian people open their eyes to the Israeli massacre and colonization which not only targets Palestine but also the world’s Islamic community. “Because they (the Israeli) know that Palestine and the Al-Aqsa Mosque are sources of the Islamic strength.”


“When they want to overpower the world’s Muslims, they don’t need to send troops to other Islamic countries, just take control of Palestine,” Husein explained.

According to him, the obstacle for Muslims in participating in defending Palestine is the fact that they still think pragmatically, and still rely on military power. “For example, in 1948, 1967 and 1973, Arab countries waged wars against Israel several times, but never won.”

“There is one factor that has been forgotten. “When Israel physically colonizes Palestine, it also controls the thoughts of the people of Islam,” Husein noted.


“So our first step is to free ourselves from the colonialism of thought by opening our eyes to make us feel involved and feel like victims. The highest success of colonialism is not when they succeed in destroying the object or their victims, but when they succeed in convincing the victims that they are not victims,” he said.

Husein reminded that Israel’s military aggression is not only limited to Palestine, but the Zionist regime would also attempt to colonize other countries around Palestine.

“So first we have to understand that we are all trapped by the system built by the West. When Britain and the United States want to colonize Palestine, we must start educating the public by building and voicing civilization as well as helping Palestine both morally and materially,” he said.


Husein further said, “Morally, we have to educate the people, sent information, build unity for Palestine. Second, we must help Palestine with the best assets, because the United States and several European countries send their best supports to Israel”.

Reporting by Indonesia Window


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