COVID-19 – Saudi Arabia to ease restrictions on Sunday

COVID-19 – Saudi Arabia to ease restrictions on Sunday
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Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – Saudi Arabia announced on Friday (Oct. 15) that it will start easing coronavirus-curbing restrictions and health precautions from Sunday, October 17, 2021, Saudi Gazette reported.

The Kingdom will allow the Grand Mosque in Makkah to operate at full capacity, but workers and visitors must continue wearing face masks at all times, an official source at the Ministry of Interior said.

Saudi Arabia will lift outdoor mask mandates but will still require to wear face coverings indoors.

The decision easing social distancing requirements will allow commercial outlets to operate to their full capacity, while restaurants can fill up.

Weddings gatherings will be also allowed for any number of persons, while affirming the importance of abidance by the precautionary measures.

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