Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – The Saudi government decided to re-impose the wearing of face masks and physical distancing in all areas of the Kingdom from Thursday, 30 December.

The Ministry of Interior announced that wearing of face masks and maintaining physical distancing and adhering to all precautionary and preventive measures has become mandatory in all the open and closed areas, Saudi Gazette reported.


Minister of Health Fahd Al-Jalajil called on everyone to hurry up to receive the booster dose, as it is necessary to reduce the risks of the Coronavirus spread.

In order to get through this phase together, we depend on “community awareness”, Al-Jalajil said.

It is noteworthy that this decision has been taken as a new move to curb the rapid increase in cases of COVID-19 variants.


The source explained that legal procedures and penalties will be applied on violators.

Reporting by Indonesia Window


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