Indonesia, Energy Transition Partnership cooperate on energy transition

A geothermal power plant in Indonesia. (The Indonesian Energy and Mineral Resources)

Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – Indonesia and a multi-national platform Energy Transition Partnership (ETP) has signed a memorandum of understanding to pursue the renewable energy mix of 23 percent by 2025 according to the Paris Agreement.

“I believe this cooperation will be beneficial for an inclusive energy transition with the aim of increasing national energy security,” said Director of Energy, Mineral and Mining Resources at the Indonesian Ministry of National Development Planning, Yahya Hidayat, here on Monday (Nov. 8).


The memorandum of understanding aims to strengthen ETP’s collaboration with Indonesian stakeholders and companies to increase investment in renewable energy, strengthen institutional coordination, and realize sustainable resilient infrastructure.

One of ETP’s strategic programs is to make early efforts to stop coal-fired power plants and improve the quality of the electricity regulation system with a more modern system while promoting renewable energy.

The Ministry of National Development Planning and ETP will build solid communications and coordination to achieve Indonesia’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) target by 2030.


To date, ETP has provided a grant worth 1.3 million U.S. dollars to Indonesia’s state-owned electricity company PLN to prepare a detailed technical plan for modernizing the electricity control center in the Java, Madura and Bali Load Control Center.

In its implementation, ETP helps PLN modernize its electricity control technology structure to monitor, operate and design the current and future electricity systems.

ETP’s Director for Southeast Asia Sirpa Jarvenpaa said that the multinational platform provides technical assistance combined with financial supports to strengthen Indonesia’s capacity to increase the renewable energy in the energy mix.


ETP also strives to create social and economic opportunities as well as investment in sustainable renewable energy in the archipelagic country.

“We promote renewable energy and energy efficiency projects that truly serve and meet people’s needs, as well as create green, healthy and prosperous life for all,” he said.

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