Former Indonesian ambassador to UAE gives books to @M Institute library

The Indonesian Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates 2008-2011 and the Russian/Belarusian Federation 2016-2020, M. Wahid Supriyadi, handed over donation in the form of books which were received by H. Mohammad Anthoni SS MSi, Chair of the @M Institute for Literacy and Education in Indonesia’s Bekasi City, West Java province, on Tuesday (January 16, 2024). (Photo: Yunan MA)

M Wahid Suriyadi has the interest to donate the books to the @M Institute for Literacy and Education under the leadership of Mohammad Anthoni.


Bekasi, West Java (Indonesia Window) – The Indonesian Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) 2008-2011 and the Russian Federation/Belarus 2016-2020, M Wahid Supriyadi, visited the secretariat of the @M Institute for Literacy and Education and handed over donation in the form of books on Tuesday (Jan. 16).


Head of @M Institute for Literacy and Education Mohammad Anthoni, accompanied by several officials, welcomed Ambassador Wahid and gladly received the books.

Among the books is that entitled Diplomasi Ringan dan Lucu Kisah Nyata (a true story of diplomacy telling about soft and funny things) written by Ambassador Wahid during Covid-19. The book was first printed in 2020 with the introduction by editor Suradi MSi and foreword by Prof. Tjipta Lesmana.

The ambassador also handed over a copy of the same book to Ismail Lutan, Chairman of the Indonesian Muslim Journalists Association (PJMI) who also attended the event along with Syaripudin Zuhri who had been a teacher at the Indonesian School Moscow for several years, and Yunan M. Alam, Vice Secretary of PJMI as well as Angger S as a Karate trainer at the @M Institute.


M Wahid Suriyadi has the interest to donate the books to the institute which deals with iteracy and education.

“I have known Mas (brother) Anthoni for a long time and have a background as a journalist for LKBN Antara (the Indonesian national news agency) and now manages an institution in the fields of literacy and education,” he said.

It is hoped that his students can gain insights after reading these and other books.


Ambassador Wahid, who was born and raised in a village in Indonesia’s Kebumen district, Central Java province, told about how he likes reading books that were limited in number at that time.

“I like reading and enriching my knowledge, including listening to Australian, American and Dutch radio station broadcasts,” he explained.

He also said he received the books from the radio stations after sending a letter as a listener from Indonesia.


After graduating from high school majoring in languages, he took the exam to study at Yogyakarta-based Gajah Mada University (UGM) and completed his studies at this prestigious university in Yogyakarta.

According to him, education is important and until now it has helped several brothers, children of a driver and a housemaid. “Only education can lift their fates,” Ambassador Wahid added.

He further said, when at the end of level I of UGM’s Faculty of Letters, he was offered to teach English at a tutoring institution. Since then he went to college at his own expense and helped his three younger siblings to graduate from two colleges.


“As an elementary school teacher, it is impossible for my father to be able to afford his children to go to college,” he pointed out.

Meanwhile, Mohammad Anthoni, the head of the institute, said he was moved to organize English/French and Mathematics tutoring programs to help parents and young people gain knowledge.

In addition, the Institute, which was officially established December 6, 2023, provides training in Creative Writing and martial art Karate.


“Actually, the tutoring program has been held informally in early 2000. One child who has participated in the tutoring program is currently working for an overseas airline and several others have graduated from S1 (undergraduate degree) and are working,” Anthoni noted.

A number of his colleagues and alumni of Madrasah Tsanawiyah/Aliyah Al Falah in Klender area, East Jakarta, are interested in supporting the efforts made by the @M Institute for Literacy and Education.

Reporting by Indonesia Window


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