Prophet’s Mosque Agency intensifies precautionary measures for visitors safety

The Prophet’s Mosque (Nabawi Mosque) in Madinah. (Indonesia Window)

Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – The spokesperson for the General Presidency of the Prophet’s Mosque Affairs, Jamaan bin Abdullah Al-Asiri, stated that the agency has intensified its precautionary measures for the safety of the people at the mosque by strengthening its procedures in a number of aspects.

According to Saudi Press Agency quoted by Indonesia Window here on Wednesday, the procedures including intensifying cleaning and sterilization programs for floors and carpets inside the Prophet’s Mosque and its grounds, and multiplying cleaning and sterilization programs for ablution sites before and after the prayers at a rate of 10 times daily.


The agency also creates corridors and make them passable to facilitate the arrival of paramedics for emergency situations, in addition to constantly renewing ventilation in the Prophet’s Mosque or Nabawi Mosque in Madinah.

Al-Asiri added that intensifying the precautionary measures includes changing the air conditioning filters inside the Prophet’s Mosque intensively to protect them from any viruses, taking care of Zamzam water until its arrival to the Prophet’s Mosque, sterilizing Zamzam canteens, and remove Zamzam cups after use.

The other measures are caring for the workers and ensuring their health, and obliging them to use gloves and masks during work, establishing health education programs for workers in the Prophet’s Mosque in coordination with the Ministry of Health, and enhancing coordination and joint cooperation with relevant authorities to ensure speed and ease of dealing with emergency situations.


Al-Asiri stressed that the agency is updating its procedures according to the latest developments, and is keen on the safety and comfort of the guests of the Prophet’s Mosque.

Reporting by Indonesia Window


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