Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – The Open University (UT) has inaugurated 77 Indonesian Migrant Workers in Taiwan through a graduation ceremony which was held on a hybrid manner.

“Education is very important for Indonesian migrant worker candidates and those who are already in the placement country. This is a preparation for competing in global competitions,” the Open University’s vice chancellor for institutional development and cooperation, Rahmat Budiman, said on Saturday.


The UT and the Indonesian Workers Protection Agency, he added, have made efforts to improve the competence of Indonesian migrant workers who would depart or those who are already in a placement country by providing unlimited access to high-quality education services.

Rahmat added that the UT as a distance education institution is responsible for helping improve the competence of Indonesian migrant workers.

“It could be carried out by increasing the widest possible access for Indonesian migrant workers to take part in the work while studying,” he said.


The number of the UT students abroad currently reaches 2,245 people. Most of them are migrant workers, of which 213 are working in Taiwan and 202 are in South Korea.

Meanwhile, the head of Indonesian Economic and Trade Office in Taipei, Budi Santoso, appreciated the graduation ceremony and expressed his pride as the office has facilitated the event several times.

“The goal is that all Indonesian citizens in Taiwan have access to education as widely as possible, easily, affordable, and to produce maximum outcomes in order to support the national human resource capacity building,” Budi said.


Reporting by Indonesia Window

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