No need PCR test for non-Saudis to enter Kingdom

Illustration. (Mufid Majnun on Unsplash)

Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – Saudi Arabia has announced excluding foreign husbands of Saudi women and non-Saudi wives of Saudi men from presenting PCR tests before arriving to Saudi Arabia, Saudi Gazette reported on Wednesday (Dec. 15).

An official source at the Ministry of Interior said that the decision coma upon continuous follow-up of the epidemiological conditions of the pandemic and the recommendations of relevant health departments in the Kingdom.


The decision was made to exclude husbands of Saudis, wives of Saudis, non-Saudi children and parents of citizens, domestic workers accompanying citizens returning to Saudi Arabia from the condition of presenting a PCR tests before arriving in Saudi Arabia.

The source added that all procedures and precautions are subject to ongoing evaluation by specialized health departments in the Kingdom depending on global developments in the epidemiological conditions.

Reporting by Indonesia Window


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