Saudi Arabia: Indonesia’s Hajj Health Team getting better

A medical treatment facility at East Arafat Hospital in Makkah provided by the Saudi government for the pilgrims. (Indonesia Window/Libertina)

Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – The Government of Saudi Arabia admits that the Indonesian Hajj Health Team in 2019 is better than that in the previous hajj season as the kingdom has bestowed royal awards on Indonesia.

The Government News Network (JPP) has reported as quoted in Jakarta on Monday that the first award constituting a recognition of the promotive-preventive efforts was given by the Ministry of Health in Medina.


While the second and third awards were bestowed by the Ministry of Health in Makkah to the Indonesian Hajj Health Clinic (KKHI) in the Holy City respectively for their services and medical instrument to Indonesian pilgrims.

The fourth award was given by Muasassah Southeast Asia for health services in Makkah and Armuzna.

Muassasah is an organization responsible for managing accommodation, transportation, guidance on the pilgrimage and public services for the pilgrims, including welcoming pilgrims who arrive in the Holy Land.


Muassasah was established on May 3, 1984, by the government of Saudi Arabia to improve the quality of Hajj services in Makkah, Medina and Jeddah.

Data from the Indonesian Ministry of Health show that 453 pilgrims died during the 2019/1440 hajj season. Of the number, 81.5 percent are at high risk, both in terms of age and previous illnesses.

The cause of death of pilgrims is largely due to cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.


A report from the Indonesian Hajj Pilgrimage Organizers Committee 2019 in the health sector stated that the Preventive Promotive Team had carried out health outreach to all pilgrims in 529 fleet groups.

Meanwhile, the Rapid Action Team conducted early detection to 9,550 pilgrims and provided emergency responses to 2,738 pilgrims.

The Rehabilitative Curative Teams at the Indonesian Hajj Health Clinics in Makkah and Madinah served 3,448 pilgrims who received inpatient care.


The Indonesian Ministry of Health has received ten awards from Saudi Arabia since the 2016 Hajj pilgrimage.

Reporting by Indonesia Window


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