Muslim World League calls on media to present true Islam

Illustration. (Sohaib Al Kharsa on Unsplash)

Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – Secretary General of the Muslim World League (MWL) Sheikh Mohammed Al-Essa stressed the important role of Muslims, the mass media and Islamic organizations in presenting the true image of Islam and Muslims.

According to Syeik Al-Essa the true description of Islam will also dispel doubts about Islam and confront the ways of distorting its image, the Saudi Gazette reported as quoted by Indonesia Window here on Wednesday.


The MWL Secretary General made the statement when speaking in a session entitled “Islamophobia: intellectual crisis or media crisis” at the Saudi Media Forum in Riyadh on Monday (Dec 2).

He also cautioned against some young men being lured into dangerous ideas that have nothing to do with Islam and Muslims.

He underscored the role of media in effectively confronting the phenomenon of Islamophobia, and its role in changing the stereotype image created by the hostile media under the guise of Islamophobia.


“Islamophobia is a term that must be explored in all its details, starting with the causes, analysis and solutions, and comparing it with the controversies around it from all aspects,” he said.

Al-Essa pointed out that the negative effects of this term have increased with the presence of extremist and terrorist organizations and falsely linking them with Islam in addition to the lack of positive dialogue of Muslims with others.

“This gap has multiplied the negative effects of Islamophobia,” he said, while stressing the important and prominent role played by the media in confronting such challenges facing Islam and Muslims.


Reporting by Indonesia Window

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