Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – A consumer research institute, Nielsen has said that internet penetration in the holy month of Ramadan during the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia rises in consumption and time, which in 2021 was triggered by an increase in video watching activities on online platforms.

Nielsen Indonesia Executive Director Hellen Katherina at an online press conference in Jakarta on Thursday (March 24), said the results of the Nielsen Consumer and Media View Survey in 11 major cities in Indonesia showed digital media consumption during Ramadan 2021 rose by 24 percent compared to Ramadan 2019 or before the pandemic.


Meanwhile, the use of digital media in 2021 increased by 35 percent compared to 2019 because people are looking for new sources of entertainment on digital platforms during the Ramadan period.

The survey noted that throughout Ramadan 2021, video viewing activities on online platforms increased 164 percent compared to 2019. In addition, online shopping activities grew 117 percent, listening to music rose 103 percent and playing online games increased 79 percent.

“The same trend (increasing) also occurs not only in during Lebaran-Ramadhan time, but also in the normal period. Internet penetration until the end of 2021 is around 76 percent,” he said.


Hellen said the increase has also caused viewership to drop considering that television shows are now also available on online platforms.

Nielsen noted that the TV Rating (TVR) in 2021 was down compared to the Ramadan period before the pandemic in 2019.

One possible cause is the accelerated consumption of digital media since the 2020 pandemic.


Meanwhile, data from Nielsen Television Audience Measurement shows an increase in television consumption during Ramadan compared to the previous period.

“The period of Ramadan always encourages television viewing, especially at dawn, before breaking the fast and after tarawih prayers. Especially at dawn, the increase in viewership can reach more than seven times,” said Hellen.

In addition to influencing consumer habits, Ramadan also affects the advertising habits of brand owners.


Nielsen Ad Intel noted an increase in advertising spending a week before Ramadan, starting from cosmetic products or clothing detergents and even paint products. Categories that also recorded an increase in advertising spending on television and digital media were beverages such as syrup, mouthwash, ulcer medicine and processed foods.

“Ramadan in the 2021 period showed that consumers made many adjustments, including the media they consumed. Brand owners need to carry out a comprehensive media campaign strategy both on TV and on the Internet, considering that these two media have mutually supportive functions to gain consumer trust, and preparing for normal conditions again,” Hellen explained.

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