Indonesian school students make bioplastics from rubber seed starch

Muhamad Yudi Triana, a school student from Tangerang, Banten was showing a piece of bioplastics that he and his friend, Fitrotullailas Tuti, made from rubber seed starch. (Indonesia Window/Libertina)

Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – Aware of plastic waste that is increasingly threatening the environment, two students at Malingping State High School 1, in Indonesia’s province of Banten, took the initiative to make bioplastics from rubber seed starch.

“Indeed, many have made environmentally-friendly bioplastics. But no one has made it from rubber seed starch although Indonesia is among countries producing the large amount of rubber in the world,” one of the bioplastic researchers, Muhamad Yudi Triana, told Indonesia Window in Banten’s city of Tangerang recently.


Together with his partner, Fitrotullailas Tuti, their bioplastic research was featured at the 2019 Indonesian Science Expo (ISE) held by the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) in Tangerang.

Muhamad Yudi explained the rubber seeds contain carbohydrates which is one of the starch-forming components and can be used to make bioplastics.

In his research, Yudi conducted an experiment by dissolving rubber seed starch and distilled water in a ratio of 1:20, then mixed with glycerol.


Mixing the solution with glycerol is done in two comparisons, namely glycerol 0 percent and glycerol 5 percent.

“The best bioplastic characteristics are obtained in the 5 percent glycerol variation where the mechanical properties are strong. The strength of its attraction is 28.1 MPa (megapascal), which means it is included in the Indonesian National Standard (SNI), “explained Yudi.

He added, bioplastic products from rubber seed starch was proven to be completely biodegradable in nine days.


“Our research proves that the quality of bioplastics from the basic ingredients of rubber seed starch is quite good,” he said.

During the bioplastic research the two students received guidance from LIPI researcher Dr. Lisman Suryanegara and their teacher Moh. Indra Surya Laksana.

Reporting by Indonesia Window


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