Shanghai, China (Xinhua) – China Mobile held the Global Partnership Executive Conference under the Hand-in-Hand Program (hi-H Program) with the theme of ‘Hand-in-Hand, Leap Forward in Intelligent Future’ on June 25 during MWC Shanghai 2024.

The conference was attended by 78 operators from over 30 countries and regions, with more than 300 executives and industrial experts. It featured keynote speeches, a fireside chat, roundtable discussions, and a launch ceremony, reflecting a new chapter of cooperation with international operator partners. Gao Tongqing, Executive Vice President of China Mobile, attended the conference and delivered a speech.

Gao Tongqing stated that China Mobile is actively promoting cooperation with overseas operators, building high-quality capabilities, and empowering global partners each other.

Firstly, China Mobile is continuously building digital intelligent infrastructure. It has more than 1.9 million 5G base stations, with nearly 800 million 5G package users and serving more than 25 million industry customers and over 30,000 5G commercial users, while accelerating the development of innovative products.

Secondly, China Mobile promotes the integration of AI into the businesses and has developed the “Jiutian Zhongqing” foundation model, which has been deployed in more than 10,000 “AI+” projects across dozens of industries.

Thirdly, China Mobile is actively advancing digital intelligent capabilities for global partners, providing high quality products and empowering partners in areas such as 5G private networks and industry applications, to create shared success.

The keynote addresses delivered by China Mobile, Orange Wholesale International, Singtel, e& and TIM Brasil provided a powerful vision for the transformation required for the telecoms industries to thrive in the hyper-connected, technology-driven landscape.

Emmanuel Rochas, CEO of Orange Wholesale International, set the tone by emphasizing the critical importance of forging strategic partnerships and collaborative ecosystems. He asserted, “Strategic collaboration has become crucial for traditional carriers in today’s fast-paced business environment. By drawing on the expertise of partners from diverse industries, operators can stay ahead of new technologies, adapt to evolving markets and effectively serve their customers high expectation towards connectivity services – achieving significant business impact.”

Echoing this sentiment, Anna Yip, Deputy CEO of Singtel Singapore, underscored the pivotal role that the telecommunications sector plays in enabling the emergence of new strategic industries through the transformative power of 5G and AI. She stated, “The telecom industry plays a pivotal role in the emergence of new strategic industries based on transformative technologies like 5G and artificial intelligence. By forging impactful partnerships, we unlock new opportunities for businesses and help economies and communities tackle complex global challenges.”

“As customer expectations continue to rapidly evolve in our digital-first world, organizations must undergo profound transformations to stay competitive and deliver exceptional experiences,” said Rashid Ali Al Ali, Senior Vice President International Data of e&. “By embedding a true customer-centric mindset into our business strategy, operations, and culture, we are able to anticipate and meet the changing needs of our customers, driving sustainable growth for our company.”

Alberto Griselli, CEO of TIM Brasil, further explored how telecom operators can expand beyond connectivity-centric offerings to unlock new revenue streams and transform the future. “Developing innovative, value-added solutions that address evolving customer needs and pain points will position telcos as key enablers of the digital economy. Promoting digital transformation, we have an opportunity to contribute to building a more inclusive and diverse society and moving towards a more circular, low-carbon future,” he said.

Under the theme ‘Collaborate to Innovate, Shape the Intelligent Future’ leading telecom operators from around the world gathered for an exclusive ceremony to celebrate their shared commitment to ‘Going Global’.

This prestigious event featured distinguished guests from companies such as e&, Singtel, TIM Brasil, CTM, and SmarTone to strengthen existing partnership and forge new alliances that will shape the intelligent future of telecommunications. With a vision to chart the course for the future of international partnerships, through this event, China Mobile aims to infuse new energy into the global telecom ecosystem and showcase the power of collaboration in leaping forward in the intelligent future.

Reporting by Indonesia Window

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