Indonesian Muslim organization praises government’s firm stance against Israeli injustice

Spokesperson and Executive Director of ICMI, Andi Irman. (Photo: The Indonesian Muslim Scholars Association/ICMI)

An Indonesian Muslim organization (popularly known as ICMI) will always play an active role in encouraging goodness for the nation and the state.


Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – An Indonesian Muslim organization (popularly known as ICMI) has praised the firm stance of Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo who consistently defends Palestine and rejects the statement of the Israeli prime minister about negating the existence of a Palestinian state following the Gaza war.


“President Joko Widodo’s stance is correct and in line with the position of ICMI and all the Indonesian people who want absolute independence for Palestine,” said ICMI’s spokesperson and Executive Director, Andi Irman, said in a statement to the media here on Saturday.

Andi Irman also appreciated the president’s firmness in ordering the Indonesian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Retno Marsudi, to convey a firm stance to make Israel obey the orders of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) so as to make the Israeli Zionist regime take any action to stop the genocide in Gaza in the session of interim decision filed by South Africa against Israel.

“There is no choice. If Israel still respects international law, it must comply with the decision,”  ICMI’s spokesperson stressed.


According to him, if Israel continues to persist in continuing various humanitarian violations in Palestine, it is time for other countries to act firmly because this would indirectly tarnish their honor.

“The world must act, starting from their respective countries by embargoing Israel’s interests in their countries. Indonesia has been firm. The president has ordered that no Israeli ships should enter the Indonesian territory,” Andi stated.

ICMI will always be present to provide the best solutions and contributions for the Indonesian nation.


The Indonesian Muslim organization will always play an active role in encouraging goodness for the nation and the state.

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