Widodo, Anwar agree on protection of Indonesian migrant workers

Indonesian President Joko Widodo (right) and Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim (left) at Indonesia’s Bogor Presidential Palace in West Java province on Monday (January 9, 2023). (The Indonesian Cabinet Secretariat)

Indonesian migrant workers are expected to get placement in Malaysia through the One Channel System (OCS), and can be implemented together.


Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – Indonesian President Joko Widodo emphasized the importance of protecting Indonesian migrant workers in Malaysia during a meeting with Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim at the Bogor Presidential Palace, West Java, Monday.

President Widodo appreciated the commitment of the Malaysian prime minister to protect Indonesian migrant workers in the neighboring country, and hoped that the implementation of the One Channel System (OCS) can be carried out jointly.

“I really hope that we can actually run the One Channel System (OCS) for the recruitment and placement of Indonesian migrant workers together,” the president said in a joint press statement with Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim.

In addition, the Indonesian president also re-emphasized the importance of building a community learning center on the peninsula to fulfill the educational rights of the children of Indonesian migrant workers.

Likewise, President Widodo discussed border issues, and the two leaders agreed to ensure that agreements regarding the Sebatik land border, the Sinapad Sesai land border, and the sea borders in the Sulawesi Sea and the Malacca Strait can be signed this year.

“Earlier we discussed and agreed that the land border MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) for the Sebatik segment and the Sinapad Sesai segment could be signed this year. And also territorial sea agreements in the Sulawesi Sea and in the southern part of the Malacca Strait can also be agreed this year,” he said.

President Widodo and Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim also agreed to strengthen cooperation on efforts to improve markets and fight discrimination against palm oil.

“We also agreed to strengthen cooperation through the Council of Palm Oil Producing Countries (CPOPC) to increase the market for palm oil and fight discrimination against palm oil,” he added.

The Indonesian president also expressed his appreciation for Malaysia’s support for the Indonesia-Singapore Flight Information Region (FIR) Agreement.

Regarding regional issues, the two leaders also agreed to continue to strengthen the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) cooperation while increasing ASEAN’s role in the Indo-Pacific region.

“We agree that ASEAN must be able to play a central role in making the Indo-Pacific region peaceful, prosperous and stable,” he said.

In addition, Widodo and Anwar Ibrahim talked about the latest situation in Myanmar. The two countries share the same view on the importance of implementing the Five Point Consensus.

“Indonesia and Malaysia have the same view on the importance of implementing the Five Point Consensus. We agreed to urge the Myanmar military junta to implement the Five Point Consensus,” President Widodo said.

The Five Point Consensus calls for an immediate cessation of violence and dialogue between all parties, mediation of the dialogue by the ASEAN special envoy, provision of ASEAN humanitarian assistance, and a visit by the organization’s special envoy to Myanmar.

Reporting by Indonesia Window

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