Indonesian coffee popular among Taiwanese

Some Indonesian coffee brands are old in a minimarket in Taiwan. (The Taipei Economic and Trade Office0TETO).

Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – Taiwan is not coffee beans-producing country, yet the number of coffee lovers on the Formosa Island is increasing over the years.

One Taiwanese drinks more than 200 cups of coffee every year, and the consumption increases 20 percent annually, according to a statement from the Taipei Economic and Trade Office (TETO).


With that figure, the coffee market in Taiwan reaches more than 80 billion Taiwan dollars (around 40 trillion rupiah).

In order to meet the demand of coffee, Taiwan imports more coffee beans than the roasted ones.

Roasted-coffee beans mostly come from the United States, Japan and Malaysia, while most of the coffee beans in Taiwan are imported from a number countries, among others, Brazil, Colombia and Ethiopia.


Indonesia also sends coffee beans to the Formosa Island, even once was being the biggest exporter among other countries.

According to statistics, before 2015, of the total amount of imported coffee beans in Taiwan, a quarter of which came from Indonesia.

However, after 2015 the number of Indonesian coffee beans exported to the Formosa Island declined.


In 2019, of the total imported coffee in Taiwan, only 12 percent came from Indonesia.

On the other hand, the main source of Taiwan’s coffee beans are now countries in South and Central America, as well as Africa.

Although Indonesia is no longer the main exporter of coffee beans to Taiwan, Luwak and Mandailing coffee beans from Sumatra have been popular among Taiwanese, especially the coffee lovers.


Indonesia has various types and flavors of coffee beans because they are produced from plantations in diverse climates. This variety is the one mostly-searched by Taiwanese coffee lovers who like to try new products and tastes.

Therefore, the opportunity to promote and market Indonesian coffee in the Taiwan market is still widely open.

Indonesian coffee bean traders or farmers can work together with the owners or managers of eminent minimarkets and coffee shops in Taiwan, such as LOUISA, 85 ° C and Cama Café, to introduce their products.


In the end, Indonesians drink bubble tea from Taiwan, while Taiwanese enjoy Indonesian coffee.

With those two drinks, contact between people of the two countries is getting closer and closer.

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