Indonesia urges world parliaments to care about occupation over Palestine

Vice Chairman of the Indonesian Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation Agency Mardani Ali Sera. (Fraksi PKS DPR RI)

Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – Vice Chairman of the Indonesian Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation Agency Mardani Ali Sera has appreciated the Indonesian Government’s rejection of the United States’ statement supporting Israel to build settlements in the West Bank.

The Indonesian Government’s rejection was conveyed by Vice President Ma’ruf Amin and Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi.


“I appreciate Kyai Ma’ruf and the Foreign Minister who rejected the US statement for supporting Israeli Jews who continue to build illegal settlements in the Palestinian territories. Not only did this criticism come from Indonesia, but also the European Union,” Mardani said in a statement received here on Friday.

He also condemned the US attitude which further worsened the conflict between Palestine and Israel.

“Since 2016, President Trump increasingly seems to have never wanted to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, even though there has been a UN resolution on the two state solutions that have been agreed upon,” said Mardani.


According to him, Trump’s attitude was clearly seen when on May 14, 2018 the US officially opened an embassy in Jerusalem, and now supports Israel to build its settlements in the West Bank which is a sovereign territory of Palestine.

“The US is always consistent to be inconsistent in its foreign policy, especially that related to Middle Eastern conflicts such as between Palestine and Israel, even though it clearly violates the international law,” Mardani said.

He called on senators and parliaments around the world to condemn US actions that continue to disrupt the peaceful solution that has been conceived so far.


“I invite all the parliaments in the world to care about the issue of occupation on Palestinian land by Israel which is supported by the US. The US government is inconsistent and makes fractures in a peaceful solution between the two, “Mardani said.

Nearly 600 thousand Israelis lived in West Bank settlements after the occupation took control of the territory during the Six Day War in 1967.

The area is home to nearly three million Palestinians who live under the control of Israeli security forces, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics of the Palestinian Authority.


Nearly two million more Palestinians live in Gaza which is a 25-mile long line managed by Hamas groups and subjected to an Israeli-Egyptian blockade for 12 years.

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