Indonesia, Panama explore cooperation in water conservation

The flags of Indonesia (left) and Panama (right).

Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – Indonesia and Panama are exploring cooperation in the field of water conservation to harmonize the application of the blue carbon economy concept to reduce carbon emissions which are one of the causes of the climate change.

This step is related to the implementation of the blue economy program, one of which is the expansion of the conservation area to an area of ​​32.5 million hectares, Minister of Maritime and Fishery affairs Sakti Wahyu Trenggono said in a written statement received here on Saturday (Apr. 9).


On Friday (Apr. 8), the Indonesian minister also received Panamanian Foreign Minister Erika Mouynes in Jakarta.

On that occasion, Minister Trenggono explained that Indonesia’s marine conservation area continues to grow every year and is targeted by 2030 to reach 32.5 million hectares.

The ministry is likewise making plans to expand the conservation area to 30 percent of the water area, he added.


Aquatic conservation areas are water areas that are protected and managed with a zoning system to realize sustainable management of fish resources and the environment.

This area, he continued, is closely related to blue carbon because mangroves, seagrasses and other biota in these waters are able to absorb large amounts of carbon.

The minister added that the ministry would also soon implement a measured fishing policy as an effort to keep the sea healthy from overfishing and illegal fishing.


Meanwhile, Panamanian Foreign Minister Mouynes said Indonesia and Panama have the same vision in pursuing marine health.

According to him, Panama is known to have a conservation area almost the same as the territory of his country.

This Central American country is known to have abundant marine wealth, but is threatened by the impact of the climate change.


Currently, he continued, Panama is intensively carrying out multilateral cooperation to reduce carbon emissions through water conservation activities.

“I am also very happy with what Indonesia is doing. There is potential for multilateral cooperation that can produce a visible showcase. Panama can mobilize its resources,” said Minister Mouynes.

Apart from conservation, the two ministers discussed the potential for cooperation in the aquaculture sub-sector in Indonesia.


Reporting by Indonesia Window

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