Haramain railway on Jeddah-Madinah route back on track

The Haramain high-speed. (Indonesia Window)

Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – The Haramain high-speed railway resumed operations as of Wednesday (Dec 11) to serve the Jeddah-Madinah route (415 kilometers) after being inactive for nearly two and a half months because of a fire accident.

Haramain trains start operating from the new railway station at King Abdulaziz International Airport (KAIA), about 19 kilometers north of Jeddah.

Previously, the main station in the Sulaymaniyah District in Jeddah was unable to operate due to a fire accident on September 29, 2019, thus making the Makkah-Jeddah-Madinah services stop operation, the Saudi Gazette reported as quoted by Indonesia Window here on Thursday.

Up to 300 passengers were carried by the train that left the airport station for Madinah on Wednesday morning (Dec 11).


Haramain trains serve the Jeddah-Madinah route five times a day.

One trip takes 90 minutes at a speed of 300 kilometers per hour.

Ticketing machines, electronic gates and flight schedule screens are available at the airport’s railway station.

The station at KAIA’s new airport connects terminal 1 with the Haramain Train Network.

The station can accommodate 3,204 passengers per hour, and plays an important role in facilitating the transportation of hajj and umrah pilgrims who travel to the Haram Mosque in Makkah and the Nabawi Mosque in Madinah easily and comfortably.

Built on a land area of ​​99,000 square meters, the station with six floors has a commercial area and a waiting room for first-class passengers.

The station at the King Abdulaziz International Airport can accommodate six trains at a time with a platform of 519 meters, while the investment area is built on an area of ​​2,543 square meters.

As many as 40 male and female staff members are ready to serve station visitors in the ticket and baggage section, and guide passengers who wish to travel.

Reporting by Indonesia Window

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