Hajj1443 – Saudi ministry launches Holodoctor health service for pilgrims

The Saudi government on Tuesday (June 28, 2022) launched the Holodoctor service for offering modern medical services to pilgrims during the 1443 Hijri hajj season through videoconference. (SPA)

Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – Saudi Minister of Health Fahd Al-Jalajel on Tuesday (June 28) launched the Holodoctor service for medical consultations in cooperation with Saudi Telecommunication Company (STC).

The project will offer modern medical services to pilgrims during this year’s hajj season through videoconference.


These services include inspection, diagnosis, and disbursing medicines through direct contact with Seha Virtual Hospital in Riyadh.

The Saudi Ministry of Health prepared for the 1443 Hijri year hajj season well in advance through a comprehensive system of health facilities in the holy sites which include a set of hospitals, health centers and ambulances under the supervision of medical, technical and administrative personnel that are trained to work in hajj.

Al-Jalajel also said that several medical services offered by hospitals in the holy sites and other locations were connected within this service to offer medical support and assistance necessary to pilgrims.


The medical personnel at the Seha Virtual Hospital were trained under the supervision of specialists in several specializations who work round the clock in three main departments, virtual X-ray, virtual strokes, and virtual ICU.

This technology allows the interaction of a doctor who works at the Seha Virtual Hospital in Riyadh with the patient directly through a device at the airport to offer medical consultations and check the biomarkers directly and quickly.

The Ministry of Health offers instant medical consultations through the number 937, accessing the Sehhaty application, and through the ministry’s account on Twitter.


Source: Saudi Press Agency

Reporting by Indonesia Window


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