COVID-19 – Taiwan reports no local infection for 210 days

People were entering a carriage at Taipei Main Station on February 2020. (Indonesia Window)

Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – The Taiwanese government announced that there had been no local cases of COVID-19 infection for more than 210 days, said a statement from the Taiwan Economic and Trade Office (TETO) received here on Wednesday.

Since the Wuhan COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, there have been 55 million cases and more than 1.34 million confirmed deaths globally.


As of this week, Taiwan has only confirmed 603 cases including 55 local infections, less than 50 people hospitalized or isolated, and only seven people dead, the statement noted.

Taiwan’s success in dealing with the pandemic is due to the government’s rapid response and transparent information.

The democratic government of Taiwan always provides open and transparent information besides announcing the latest pandemic situation and the source of each case, contacting and following up on the process. In these ways the government earns the public trust.


Daniel Twining, Chair of the International Republican Institute (IRI), recently stated that from various points of view, Taiwan’s anti-pandemic performance is better than China’s, including the overall number of deaths, economic impacts, respect for human rights and others, while maintaining the democratic life.

According to the TETO statement, the Taiwanese people are like Indonesians who have spirits for helping each other.

The Taiwanese also understand that when infectious diseases have become epidemic, helping other means helping themselves as well.


Without coercion by the government, people show a spirit of mutual cooperation, and voluntarily apply preventive measures by washing hands frequently, wearing health masks and reducing gatherings.

The people’s high level of understanding of democracy and the government’s right policies have defeated the pandemic, the statement said.

Information technology is also a key determinant of Taiwan’s success in the  COVID-19 mitigation.


Taiwan’s Central Pandemic Command Headquarters uses cell phones to track all passengers entering Taiwan, and enforces a strict 14-day quarantine measure.

In addition, many applications have been developed for people to check health mask supplies and give crowd-gathering alerts that have brought the pandemic under control.

With those efforts, Taiwan has never implemented a lockdown, yet has been successful in tackling the situation since the outbreak of COVID-19 in Wuhan.



Taiwan’s pandemic prevention performance is a clear evidence to everyone, and has also been recognized by academics.

The United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention has listed Taiwan as a very low risk area.


The Journal of the American Medical Association describes Taiwan’s successful strategy as a model for a quick response to crises, and in protecting the interests of its citizens.

In the evaluation of 75 economic entities by the United States Bloomberg Economics, Taiwan’s pandemic prevention performance ranks first.

CNN recently applauded Taiwan’s success in preventing the pandemic and setting an example for the global community.


Time magazine even cited Taiwan as a role model for pandemic prevention, which has broken the world’s best record for pandemic prevention, with no local cases of infection for more than 210 days.

Reporting by Indonesia Window


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