Construction of Indonesian Islamic boarding school in US reaches 70 percent

Imam Shamsi Ali, the Founder of the Nur Inka Nusantara Madani Islamic Boarding School and President of the Nusantara Foundation. (Indonesia Window/Bambang Purwanto)

Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – The construction of Nur Inka Nusantara Madani Islamic boarding school in Connecticut, the United States, initiated by an Indonesian preacher, Imam Shamsi Ali, under the Nusantara Foundation has been 70 percent completed.

A statement from Imam Shamsi received by Indonesia Window here, Wednesday said that since the 7.5-hectare property in the city of Moodus, Connecticut, was bought in April 2018, the renovation process keeps continuing.


“Land clearing, demolition, and renovation of old buildings are continuing. Alhamdulillah (Allah be praised) about 70 percent of these works have been completed,” Imam Shamsi Ali, the Founder of the Nur Inka Nusantara Madani Islamic Boarding School and President of the Nusantara Foundation, said.

He explained that of the 10 old buildings in the location, five of which were demolished as they were damaged, while four buildings had been renovated and one is still under the renovation process.

In addition to building renovations, construction of a basketball court, a volleyball court, a soccer field, and a swimming pool have also been completed.


With the completion of 70 percent of renovations, since last year the Islamic boarding school has been used for various community activities. Among them are leadership training, the Quran tahfidz (memorizing) program, and community events with neighbours.

Meanwhile, the Master Plan for the second phase of the Islamic boarding school development is being completed, and the ground breaking could be carried out at the early summer 2020.

At present the Nusantara Foundation is still struggling to settle property repayments with monthly instalments without usury of US$8,750 per month until April 2020.


This means that currently foundation’s property requires around US$112,500.

Although it has not yet been completely finished, the foundation continues to move on with its activities such as introducing Islam to universities, establishing dialogue and relations between religious adherents, holding Imam and leadership training, and the Quran memorizing program.

The construction of Islamic boarding school as a comprehensive Islamic educational institution is expected to represent the face of Indonesian Muslims in the United States.


Reporting by Indonesia Window

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