Feature – BWA inaugurates 50th clean water facility project in Indonesia’s East Nusa Tenggara

From left to right: Gunawan Budi Haryanto, military commander Amanuban Tengah, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) , Heru Binawan, Director of BWA Fundraising Program, Awaludin Isu NTT’s BWA partner, Ichsan Salam, BWA CEO and Gavriel Novanto, chairman NTT’s IMI Chapter. (Photo: Special)

BWA is committed to helping overcome the problem of clean water crisis in several regions in Indonesia, including that in East Nusa Tenggara province.


Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara (Indonesia Window) – The Alquran Waqf Agency, or known as BWA, has again shown its commitment in helping overcome the problem of clean water crisis in several regions in Indonesia.


This time the inauguration of the waqf (endowment) for clean water facilities was carried out in Tuniun hamlet, Bileon village, Fautmolo sub-district, South Central Timor district, East Nusa Tenggara province, on June 6-8, 2023.

In addition to the inauguration ceremony, a cheerful mass circumcision activity supported by K2S (Social Harmony Contact) was also held in the presence of 81 children and senior persons.

The organizing committee has likewise distributed 300 food packages from Galena Logistic, IOF Kupang (Indonesia Offroad Federation) and IMI (Indonesian Motor Association) NTT Chapter.


The process of working on the clean water facility waqf project in Tuniun hamlet took five months using HDPE pipes with a total length of 8.8 km.

The process also included making concrete construction capture tanks at the Oetfo water source as many as two units, concrete construction reservoirs in the pipeline as many as six units and public water intake faucet monuments as many as 30 units.

For overall pipe installations using HDPE pipes can last more than 25 years.


This project utilizes two spring locations, namely the Oetfo spring in Fautmolo sub-district and the Oe Petu spring in Kie sub-district.

In total there are 400 heads of families in three hamlets, five villages and two sub-districts who also feel the benefits of the clean water facility.

In addition, it also includes three mosques and two churches that benefit from this clean water.


The inauguration ceremony was attended directly by BWA CEO Ichsan Salam and the handover of the waqf project to Awaludin Issu as the nadzir (the receiver) of waqf.

Also present at this event were village heads, the local military commander, head of the IMI chapter in East Nusa Tenggara.

“Hopefully this waqf facility, clean water facilities, can bring benefits to all, regardless of ethnicity and religion,” Ichsan Salam said in his speech, adding, “We also hope that the residents of Tuniun hamlet and its surroundings can both maintain this clean water facility”.


On a different occasion, Awaludin said that for many years the residents of Tuniun hamlet had difficulty obtaining clean water to meet their daily needs.

To get clean water, every day ordinary residents take water from dug holes as deep as 30 centimeters that they dig themselves on the banks of rivers.

Their children used to carry jerry cans when going to school and fetch water in the holes after school.

A group of children show their happiness when Heru Binawan, Director of BWA Fundraising Program, using the plastic pipe to shower water to them. (Photo: Special)

With clean water facilities that have been completed, residents of Tuniun hamlet and its surroundings are now easier to draw water from the tap monument that has been built.

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