Optimally addressing climate change fits Taiwan to global system

Taiwan’s Minister of Environmental Protection Chang Tzi-chin. (TETO/The Taipei Economic and Trade Office)

Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – The global climate change is a serious problem that will face and affect everyone in the world.

Therefore, overcoming these conditions is the duty of every person and country by making improvements in various fields of life.

However, due to international political factors, Taiwan cannot be part of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) agreement, according to a statement received by Indonesia Window here on Sunday.

However, Taiwan has a real will and ability to fight the climate change with other countries within the framework of the UNFCCC.

Taiwan’s Minister of Environmental Protection Chang Tzi-chin specifically wrote an article on this topic and introduced Taiwan’s efforts to combat the  climate change.

Minister Chang also called on other countries to support Taiwan’s participation in the UNFCCC, and include Taiwan in the mechanism of global carbon reduction, negotiations and the Paris agreement on the climate change and other related activities.

He explained that Taiwan had passed the Greenhouse Gas Management and Reduction Act, completed the National Action Network for Climate Change, the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Effort Scheme, and formulated the Greenhouse Gas Emission Control Action Plan and other mitigation measures.

In 2025, Taiwan is expected to reach the goal of 20 GW (gigawatts) for solar power plants and 6.9 GW (gigawatts) for wind power plants.

Taiwan has also strengthened its financial incentives to support the development of the green energy technology industry and actively promote the Green Financial Implementation Plan.

Meanwhile, the Taipei Economic and Trade Office (TETO) representative, John Chen, said the 25th UNFCCC Conference (COP 25) will be held in Spain in December this year.

Due to international political factors, Taiwan is only able to attend the meeting as an observer of non-government organizations (NGOs).

For Taiwan and the world, limiting the role of Taiwan is a huge loss in the fight against the climate change.

John Chen urged Indonesia and other countries not to limit their views on political considerations, and support Taiwan’s participation to contribute professionally and pragmatically at the UNFCCC in the fight against the climate change.

Reporting by Indonesia Window

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