Indonesia’s Muhammadyah university uses Student Corner to promote products

The Chairperson of MCEBI Dr. Endang Rudiatin (second left) said her association supports students of the Jakarta-based Muhammadyah University (UMJ) to open the Student Corner to promote and sell their products. (photo by MCEBI).

Baznas (Indonesia’s national zakat agency) is the country’s institution that manages zakat (alms) nationally.


Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – Scholarship recipients of Baznas from the Jakarta-based Muhammadiyah University (UMJ), who received support from the Muhammadiyah Center for Entrepreneurship and Business Incubator (MCEBI) have found a way by opening a means of selling and promoting their products.


Baznas (Indonesia’s national zakat agency) is the country’s institution that manages zakat (alms) nationally.

MCEBI, which is an association under Muhammadiyah’s Higher Education Research and Development Council, supports the efforts of UMJ students who launched the Student Corner, MCEBI Chairperson DR. Endang Rudiatin said here, Monday.

Muhammadiyah is the second largest Islamic organization in Indonesia after Nahdlatul Ulama (NU).


“This Student Corner aims to promote and sell students’ products,” Endang, a lecturer at the university, added.

According to her, the efforts of UMJ students receiving Baznas scholarships to become entrepreneurs should be appreciated.

She further said students from several batches of Baznas scholarship recipients often take part in campus bazaars. However, sales of their products do not always meet turnover targets.


Based on that experience, they then began to think of a way so as to make sales of their products do not fluctuate.

“This fluctuating condition is due to the bazaar schedule sometimes coinciding with holidays, exam periods or when almost all faculties have concurrent activities,” she said.

They initiated to have spaces to be able to sell on campus with a more stable and increasing turnover.


“We have responded and provided support to the students,” Endang said.

The Student Corner is expected to reflect the students’ hard effort to foster entrepreneurial spirit and business independence among campuses and become a place for their creativity and innovation to grow confidently and independently into reliable entrepreneurs, the chairperson of MCEBI said.

In the future, the Student Corner is expected to be a pilot project for student-run business places to be developed in Muhammadiyah Universities and Aisyiah (PTMA) throughout Indonesia, especially PTMA which already has a business incubator, as well as expected to be a pilot for the presence of ‘Student Corner’ in other PTMA.


On Saturday, April 4, 2024/25 Ramadhan 1445 H, the students launched a Student Corner at Cafe ATAP at the UMJ’s compound in collaboration with the UMJ alumni association (Ikalum).

Present at the event were UMJ Vice Rector 4 Dr. Septa Chandra and Head of the UMJ Alumni Association (Ikalum) Dedi Harsono.

In his speech, the Deputy Rector 4 of UMJ appreciated the establishment of Student Corner and in accordance with UMJ’s records, as many as five percent of alumni took part as entrepreneurs.


Dedi Harsono also told about the story of his journey to become an exporter entrepreneur thanks to his courage to start a business.

“To succeed, we must be resilient and not run out of ways,” said Dedi who educates and inspires the students to move forward.

The event was also accompanied with sermon by the Chairman of the Institute for the Development of Islam and Muhammadiyah Affairs (LPPAIK) Dr. Fakhurozi.


He expects the scholarship recipients be able to develop an honest and responsible entrepreneurial spirit.

Atikah Nurul Azizah, the manager of the Student Corner symbolically officiated the start of the activity.

Atikah was the best participant of the top ten MCEBI ‘Studentpreneur Bootcamp’ in 2023 in Purworejo city, Central Java province.


The activity was closed with a joint fast breaking with types of meals packaged according to the contemporary tastes of students including dim sum, meatballs, pempek, Minang rice bowls, Aci meatballs, meatballs, cireng, Jelly Ball, cendol ganyong, ice cream, chocoblast and other student snacks.

MCEBI also promotes cleaning products such as dish soap, hand washing, laundry, floor cleaners, air fresheners and clothes. The hygiene products are expected to be marketed to PTMA, Muhammadiyah and Aisyiyah management/members and the community.

Reporting by Indonesia Window


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