BAM Cargo connects Indonesia’s Kalimantan with fast and reliable services

BAM Cargo’s owner and CEO Nanang Suriyana. (BAM Cargo)

BAM Cargo has proven its services and deserves the title of ‘Specialist Express Cargo in Kalimantan’, and it is very possible that this Banjarmasin-born company would also – soon – call itself ‘Kalimantan-Java Specialist Express Cargo’, or even ‘Indonesia Specialist Express Cargo’.


Nanang Suriyana’s story about his experience dealing with goods delivery services when he used to work at a pharmaceutical company in Indonesia’s Banjarmasin city, South Kalimantan, told about his dissatisfaction, even ‘distressing’.


“We had to work with expedition agencies to send goods to pharmacies and hospitals in all districts and cities in South Kalimantan and Central Kalimantan,” he said, recollecting his journey in business over a decade ago.

Human and goods transportation activities are expected to increase and be more hectic, especially with the increasing population of people and necessities, while development continues to grow worldwide, including in Indonesia. Nanang understands this very well.

The experience with unsatisfactory cargo services disturbed his mind, but also became a strong impetus for Nanang to answer the challenge, ‘why not build and develop an expedition service that meets his expectations as a consumer?’


In early 2014, the man who now serves as Chairman of the Indonesian Muslim Entrepreneurs Community (KPMI) for the chapter in Indonesia’s Bogor city, West Java, laid the first stone for a cargo service company in Banjarmasin.

Under PT Borneo Arta Mandiri (BAM), Nanang first opened his expedition company named BAM Cargo, for the shipping route he had very familiar with for many years, namely the Banjarmasin-Palangkaraya (Central Kalimantan).

“Consumer’s cargo handled by BAM Cargo is a trust that must be maintained until the cargo arrives in the hands of the receivers in good condition,” Nanang said, adding that delivery of goods entrusted to his expedition company is also ensured to be fast and not lost.


Therefore, even though it started with only one expedition route, BAM Cargo really promises its customers not to break up its motto of being the people’s delivery service company that is ‘Trustworthy, Fast and Accurate’.

“BAM is supported by good land, sea and air fleets and competent human resources in the field of goods transportation. “With these strengths, we provide and offer workmanlike and fast services,” Nanang assured.

“Accuracy and precision are also our focus in providing services to all our customers, to avoid delivery errors,” he added.


Not long after the first cargo delivery route was handled by BAM, the expedition services continued to add new more routes in South Kalimantan’s other areas such as Rantau, Binuang, Amuntai, Kandangan, Tanjung Tabalong, Batu Licin, and Kotabaru, as well as those in Central Kalimantan, including Sampit and Pangkalan Bun.

Samarinda and Balikpapan in East Kalimantan, Pontianak in West Kalimantan, as well as Tarakan in North Kalimantan, are also among BAM Cargo’s service points.

The ease of finding BAM service branch offices throughout Kalimantan strengthens Nanang’s claim that the company, which is headquartered in Bumi Pemurus Permai, Pemurus Dalam Subdistrict, Banjarmasin, is a ‘Specialist Express Cargo in Kalimantan’.


The extensiveness of BAM Cargo’s network in Kalimantan is in line with the many types of cargo that this company is able to handle.

BAM Cargo
BAM Cargo’s service. (BAM Cargo)

BAM’s Marketing, Sales, and Business Development official Chandra Rekusumantoro explained that almost all types of goods can be sent via BAM with a special handling method that guarantees the safety of the products arriving intact and safely in the hands of customers.

“E-commerce goods, consumer goods, electronic goods, medical equipment and pharmaceutical products, as well as motor vehicle spare parts, along with motorbikes and cars, which require special handling and packaging, are some of the types of cargo that can be entrusted to BAM,” he said.


With special handling, Chandra continued, BAM Cargo also ensures that the goods sent are ‘on time delivery’, which is also the jargon of this company.

Being born and grow in Kalimantan did not make BAM stop only on this second largest island in Indonesia.

BAM Cargo services are now not only enjoyed by people of Kalimantan as new BAM branches continue to be established in several big cities in Java, including Semarang in Central Java and Surabaya in East Java, even in Indonesia’s capital city of Jakarta.


BAM Cargo has proven that its services are worthy of the title ‘Specialist Express Cargo in Kalimantan’, and therefore it is very possible that this company from Banjarmasin would – soon – call itself the Kalimantan-Java Specialist Express Cargo’, or even ‘Indonesia Specialist Express Cargo’.

Reporting by Indonesia Window


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