Ambassador hopes Indonesia-Syria relations serve common interests

Indonesian Ambassador to Syria Wajid Fauzi (fourth left) was talking to Syrian Arab Republic President Bashar Al-Assad (third right) after submitting credentials at the Presidential Palace on Wednesday (Nov 13, 2019). (The Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – Indonesian Ambassador to Syria Wajid Fauzi who last week submitted credentials to the President of the Syrian Arab Republic Bashar Al-Assad expressed his hope that relations between the two countries could serve the interests of the two nations.

Ambassador Wajid made the remark in an interview with the Syrian News Agency, SANA, as quoted by Indonesia Window here, Monday.

On the occasion the ambassador said the Indonesian government has recently sent invitations to more than 20 Syrian businessmen to visit Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Indonesia has also participated in the Damascus International Exhibition.

The ambassador hopes that the two activities can improve relations between Indonesia and Syria, especially in serving the interests of the two countries.

According to him, Indonesia and Syria have long established good relations, and showed ongoing efforts to strengthen bilateral ties, especially those in the economic and cultural fields.

Ambassador Fauzi said the Indonesian government has intended to double the volume of trade exchanges between the two countries, with a value amounting to 41.6 million US dollars (US$1=Rp. 14078.30) through communications with players in various economic and business sectors.

Regarding Indonesia’s stance towards the crisis in Syria, the ambassador stressed that this was clearly seen from the unrelenting Indonesian Embassy working in the capital city of Damascus.

This confirms Indonesia’s respect for the sovereignty of the Syrian government and the integrity of its territory.

Reporting by Indonesia Window

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