Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – Saudi National Center for Palms and Dates (NCPD) has officially launched the Saudidates platform, an innovative, convenient and efficient business-to-business electronic market where buyers across the globe can buy dates in bulk from sellers in the Kingdom.

The platform was launched recently under the slogan ‘The Homeland of Dates’, which depicts dates as a national product closely related to the history of Saudi Arabia and aims to showcase the Kingdom’s long history in this sector.


On his Twitter account, NCPD’s CEO Dr. Mohammed Al-Nuwairan said, “We are launching the ‘Saudidates’ platform, which gathers the best palm fruits within one electronic market, to reach our heritage to the world.”

He said that the launch of the platform was to support and enhance the ability of the Kingdom’s national exports to access global markets.

The platform is comprised of three technical components, namely a marketing outlet that includes all date traders who have the Saudidates brand, in addition to their products and derivatives; a store for selling dates and their products to the consumer; and a warehouse to store the merchants’ products and deliver them to the consumer.


The Kingdom is now taking important steps to place itself as the world’s largest exporter of dates by penetrating the global consumer market to achieve the Kingdom’s vision of increasing non-oil exports.

Saudi Arabia is one of the world’s leaders in date production, with more than 31 million palm trees and a production volume of more than 1.5 million tons of different date varieties.

Saudi export for dates increased to 215,343,005 kg, reaching more than 107 countries.


NCPD is contributing, on behalf of Saudi Arabia, to approve the International Year of Dates, in 2027 by working with the FAO.

Source: Arab News

Reporting by Indonesia Window


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