International Volunteer Day 2023 is scheduled to be held on December 15-17 in Indonesia’s Bogor City, West Java, as the location is close to the country’s capital city of Jakarta and is a buffer area most vulnerable to potential disasters.


Bogor, W Java (Indonesia Window) – International Volunteer Day is scheduled to be held on December 15-17, 2023 in Indonesia’s Bubulak Tepi Sawah tourist area, Bogor City, West Java Province.


“We chose Bogor City for activities commemorating International Volunteer Day 2023 because its location is close to capital Jakarta and is the buffer area most vulnerable to potential disasters,” said the chairman of the Indonesian Disaster Management Squad, Subur Rojinawi, on the sidelines of volunteer activities in Bogor on Monday (Dec. 4).

Subur Rojinawi who is also the Commander of the Disaster Response Human Initiative said that the squad routinely commemorates International Volunteer Day every year.

“For three years in a row, we have held a volunteer rally in Jakarta’s sub district of Cibubur. This year, in accordance with the directive of the BNPB (the National Disaster Mitigation Agency), we have changed the concept to be more educational and involve community participation,” Subur explained.


This activity, which was scheduled to be held on December 5, has been postponed to December 15-17, 2023 at Bubulak Tepi Sawah tourist area, Bogor City.

For humanitarian volunteers, including those from Indonesia, December 5 is a special time, because this date was designated by the United Nations (UN) as an international volunteer day.

Thousands of volunteers from various humanitarian organizations in the country and members of the Indonesian Disaster Management Squad (PBI Squad) focused IVD (International Voulenteer Day) 2023 activities in Bogor City.


“This time, the IVD 2023 activities include various activities including disaster defense equipment exhibition, voulenteer expo, workshops, seminars, charity auction of paintings for Palestine, live simulations and virtual reality technology about disasters, voulenteer camp and finally closing with a blood donation activity,” Chairman of the 2023 International Volunteer Day Committee, Lukman Azis Kurniawan, noted after an audience with Bogor City Regional Secretary Dr. Syarifah Sofiah at the Bogor City Hall, Monday (Dec. 4).

Lukman, who is also the Executive Director of the Indonesian humanitarian organization CARE, said that there are at least 280 more institutions under the PBI Squad, such as Human Initiative, Rumah Zakat (Zakat Hospital), DMC Dompet Dhuafa, Indonesia CARE, Bagi Indonesia, Asar Humanity, BAZNAS Bazis, and BAZNAS RI.

Among those institutions, there are also APPI, YBM PLN, AQL Peduli, BSI Maslahat, RHC, YM, Imani Care, Gerak Bareng, Aviation Voulenteer Indonesia, Disaster Tambora, GMCI, RTB Indonesia, Harfa, Kedai Ciliwung, VRI, and Medis Team Response.


In addition, there are also Sabhawana, KSB, Tagana, SAR Katulistiwa, Karang Taruna, Pramuka Peduli, RAPI, Orari, Hirpala Indonesia, One Care, WMI, Salam Aid, SBN, HELIX Corp., PMI, Menwa Rescue, Primas Rescue, and Karawang Cares.

“This activity is also supported by volunteers who are members of the Bogor City Disaster Risk Reduction Forum (FPRB) and Bogor City’s FKP3D (Regional Search and Rescue Potential Coordination Forum),” he said.

During the audience, Bogor City Secretary, Syarifah Sofiah appreciated and supported this activity. “As the host of this activity, we are very supportive. We will give all Bogor city stakeholders maximum support for this activity,” said Syarifah.


She has also ordered Bogor City’s Regional Work Unit to prepare and deploy their members to make this activity a success.

“This activity also helps the city government educate the public about disaster preparedness and shows the city community the regional government’s readiness to face potential disasters in the city of Bogor,” she said.

Reporting by Indonesia Window


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