Indonesian researchers discover seven new species of ornamental plants

Some species of begonias in Taman Bunga Nusantara Cianjur, West Java province. (Indonesia Window)

Bekasi, West Java (Indonesia Window) – Indonesian researchers from the Research Center for Plant Conservation and Botanical Gardens at the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) have recently discovered seven new species of plants, the majority of which are classified as ornamental plants.

The seven species are Hoya batutikarensis, Hoya buntokensis, Dendrobium dedeksantosoi, Rigiolepis argentii, Begonia robii, Begonia willemii and Etlingera comosa.


In addition, the researchers also found Zingiber ultralimitale sub-species and mataromeoense sub-species.

Head of the research center, Sukma Surya Kusumah, said that the Biological Sciences Research Organization (OR IPH) would continue to explore and identify plant species from their natural habitats, especially those that are threatened with extinction.

“The discovery of new species increases Indonesia’s biodiversity. This discovery also provides information regarding Indonesia’s biodiversity and supports further research on its sustainable use,” he said.


Meanwhile, a researcher at the Research Center for Plant Conservation and Botanical Gardens, Wisnu Handoyo Ardi, said that begonia is one of the largest genera of flowering plants.

Currently, there are 2,052 species of begonias in the pantropical (covering two hemispheres) region.

Indonesia is one of the centers of begonia diversity, especially in Southeast Asia with 243 species.


This number will continue to grow as more forest areas are explored in the archipelagic country.

“Efforts to conserve and disclose new varieties of begonias are actively carried out by BRIN and so far we have succeeded in conserving more than 100 species of begonias from a number of regions in Indonesia,” Wisnu said.

Source: BRIN


Reporting by Raihana Radhwa

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