Indonesia encourages space exploration for peace

Earth surface image from space. (NASA)

Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – US astronaut Neil Armstrong said when setting foot on the surface of the Moon, “one small step for humans, one giant leap for mankind” confirms that such vast space belongs to all nations.

Indonesia’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Mohammad Koba who spoke on behalf of ASEAN at the Committee IV of the UN General Assembly said that the use and exploration of space must be carried out solely for peaceful purposes and benefits all countries, the Government News Network (JJP) said quoting the website of the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs here Friday (1/11).


Meanwhile, the ASEAN statement also stressed the importance of increasing access to space technology and calling for strengthening cooperation in the field of capacity building and technology transfer.

In the national capacity, Indonesia likewise underlined the role of space technology in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“Indonesia has utilized space technology to realize SDGs such as in the fields of disaster management, health, education, economy, and ocean,” Ambassador Koba said.


Reporting by Indonesia Window

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