Hajj1442 – Over 450,000 people in Saudi Arabia apply for hajj

Hajj pilgrims performed tawaf al-wida (farewell tawaf) by circumambulating the Kaaba seven times before leaving leaving Makkah after completing the hajj during the 1441 hijri/2020 hajj. (The Saudi Arabia Ministry of Hajj and Umrah/The Saudi Arabia Ministry of Media)

Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – More than 450,000 people in Saudi Arabia have applied to perform hajj this year within 24 hours of the registration platform opening, according to the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah.

“The digital path received more than 450,000 applications to perform hajj, including residents and nationals, within the first 24 hours of opening registration,” the ministry said in an infographic on Tuesday (June 15), Alarabiya reported.


According to the announcement, 60 percent of the applicants were males, while 40 percent were females.

For the first time ever, Saudi Arabia has allowed women to register for the annual pilgrimage without a male guardian.

“Those wishing to perform hajj will have to register individually. Women can register without a mahram (male guardian) along with other women,” the ministry said in an infographic on Sunday (June 13).


The kingdom has decided to limit this year’s hajj pilgrimage to 60,000 residents and nationals living in the kingdom due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic

Those who are between the ages of 18-65 and are fully vaccinated, have received their first dose at least 14 days prior, or those who are vaccinated and have recovered from a COVID-19 infection are allowed to register.

The registration portal was launched on June 13 at 13.00, with no priority for early registration.


The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah confirmed that the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia always prioritizes the safety, health and security of pilgrims.

The hajj pilgrimage this year is expected to begin mid-July. The link to register can be accessed here:

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