Great figures and stories behind Montblanc’s etches

Montblanc’s special edition of John F. Kennedy. (Indonesia Window)

Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – Towering 4,808 meters above sea level, Mont Blanc (White Mountain) whose peaks are always covered with snow  is the highest mountain in the Alps which includes France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Slovenia , Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

The splendor of Mont Blanc had inspired Wilhelm Dziambor, Christian Lausen and Claus Johannes Voss in 1909 to refer to their company as well as the legendary pen product with the name “Montblanc”.


The beautiful, stunning and large Montblanc is the inspiration for the company bearing the six-pointed white snowflake logo with a round edge each time it issues an edition of their pen that refers to influential world figures from different countries and fields.

The edition of “Great Characters” was issued by Montblanc for the first time in 2009. This edition is a tribute to those who have influenced world history with hard work.

Although he only ruled for no more than three years, the 35th President of the United States became one of Montblanc’s inspiring figures by issuing the John F. Kennedy Edition as a special and limited edition.


Other great figures in Montblanc’s “Great Characters” Edition include scientists Albert Einstein (1879-1955) and Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519), and Indian peace scholar Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948).

In addition to “Great Characters” every year since 1992, Montblanc gave honors  to the great writers whose work became world literary legends by issuing the Writers Limited Edition.

The author of Romeo and Juliette, William Shakespeare, inspired Montblanc to issue a black and white edition of the Author William Shakespeare (1564-1616) with gold accents on several parts. The signature of the English writer is engraved on the top of the pen, reminiscent of the efforts and work of the writer who is also the poet in making his great work.

Great figures and stories behind Montblanc's etches
The Montblanc’s Writers Limited Edition of William Shakespeare. (Indonesia Window)

Other men of letters who inspired Montblanc in the Author Edition are the American writer Ernest Hemingway known with one of his novels “The Oldman And the Sea”; and Leo Tolstoy from Russia who wrote “War and Peace”.

The figures and influences of these world leaders are expected to be remembered and inspired by others, especially as they sign prominent documents when achieving big dreams with unrelenting efforts.

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