Excessively using cellphone could cause nomophobia

A smart phone. (Photo by Samson Vowles on Unsplash)

Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – Using electronic devices, especially smartphones, is increasingly common in daily life of all people with different social background.

Smart phones really “help” many people in completing their needs, not only in communication but also support transportation, financial transactions, information collecting process in quick time, and it provides entertainment as well.


However, there is a great danger lurking from using cell phones excessively that makes people feel scared when they are unable to use the device for several reasons, such as the absence of signal or running out of minutes or battery power.

The unreasonable fear called nomophobia is increasingly shocking because children – who spend more time with electronic devices – have a greater risk of experiencing these symptoms.

A study found that 66 percent of people in Europe have nomophobia which makes them unable to escape from cellphones, an expert told Anadolu News Agency recently.


Meanwhile, a 2019 survey published by Mediacompany found that European teenagers aged 13-18, spend 6.5 hours per day on social media and other activities such as playing video games.

Another 2019 research report found that 24 percent of children aged 13 to 17 were found to be online “almost constantly”, and 73 percent had a smartphone or access to a cell phone.

A group of neuroscientists wants to know whether exposure to electronic devices can damage neurological health, especially in children and adolescents whose brains are still developing.


A research team of the University of Korea in Seoul, South Korea recently published a study that found that smartphone addiction creates a chemical brain imbalance associated with depression and anxiety in young people.

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