Ethiopian Parliament to learn democracy from Indonesia

The Indonesian Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation Agency (BKSAP) took a group picture with their Ethiopian counterpart in Ethiopia’s capital city of Addis Ababa. (BKSAP)

Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – The Ethiopian legislators said that they want to learn democracy from Indonesia.

They expressed the desire when a delegation from the Indonesian Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation Agency (BKSAP) paid a working visit to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on September 16-20, 2019, according to a statement received in Jakarta on Wednesday.


The delegation was led by BKSAP’s Deputy Chairperson Surahman Hidayat in the company of the agency’s members Zairina and Teuku Taifuqulhadi as well as Indonesian Ambassador to Ethiopia Al Busyra Basnur.

“This delegation is part of the work of BKSAP as the focal point of the Indonesian Parliament (DPR)’s diplomacy,” explained Surahman.

The Prosperous Justice Party’s politician further explained that the visit to Ethiopia was a commitment of the DPR in carrying out the functions of representation and diplomacy.


“We are here (Ethiopia) carrying the main mission to explore the potential of forming a friendship group with the Ethiopian Parliament. They are very positive about our initiative,” said Surahman.

He added that the results of the visit to Ethiopia were very substantive.

“We have a dialogue with the Chair of the Ethiopian Parliament and the Foreign Commission. They said that the visit of the Indonesian Parliament to the Ethiopian Parliament was the first official visit. They asked us to immediately follow up on forming a friendship group with the DPR. We will immediately respond,” he explained.


Surahman further said the Ethiopian Parliament was the first and oldest parliament in Africa.

“They also fully support reforms that are developing in Ethiopia mainly through the release of political prisoners, and guarantee freedom of the press and opinion. They really want to learn from Indonesia. They promised to pay a reciprocal visit,” he said.

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