Clinic in Japan uses laser technology for orthopedic treatment, serving many Indonesians

President of Promotion Office Ltd., Tokyo Japan, Richard Susilo. (Photo: Special)

Dr. Hisayuki Miyajima’s clinic in Tokyo guarantees that the treatment time for a pinched nerve is much shorter than in other health facilities, with patients not needing to be hospitalized after undergoing surgery with laser technology.


Bogor, W Java (Indonesia Window) – A well-known specialized orthopedic clinic in Japan’s capital city of Tokyo offers health services, covering consultations, medication, and surgery to cure pinched nerves, and all its effects such as tingling, headaches and limps, as well as other internal diseases, with the latest laser technology.


“This clinic belongs to Dr. Hisayuki Miyajima who is 65 years old. He really dedicates his knowledge to orthopedic medicine and treatment through surgery with the most advanced laser technology in Japan,” President of Promotion Office Ltd., Tokyo Japan, Richard Susilo, said in a press release received here on Thursday.

Many patients from various countries, including Indonesia, who came to the clinic recovered and satisfied with the services provided, he added.

“Many Indonesian people are satisfied with the services provided at the clinic and recovered after being operated on with laser technology. Of course he welcomed all patients from abroad, especially from Indonesia. After undergoing surgery, patients only need to rest for a few hours, there is no need to stay overnight. The next day we can go back to Indonesia,” he continued.


According to Richard, Dr. Miyajima, who graduated from the University of Tokyo, speaks Japanese, but at the clinic there are professional translators in the medical field to facilitate and facilitate communication with patients.

“There is no problem regarding language because many Japanese people understand and speak Indonesian fluently. Apart from that, there are also many Indonesians who work in health services in Japan,” Richard explained.

He further stated that there was a fellow doctor from Indonesia who was a urologist who gave his testimony about Dr. Miyajima.


“He had been a colleague of mine when I worked as a cancer researcher at the University of Tokyo. He owns two clinics in Tokyo and applies electrolytic hydrolysis to dialysis, which is an exchange technology. Currently he is also conducting research on kidney failure and cancer at the University of Tokyo,” Richard pointed out.

He explained that the medical services at Dr. Miyajima’s clinic are well known in various countries. To get an appointment, patients usually have to wait around three months.

Richard further said he had found time to meet Dr. Miyajima on April 18, 2024, which is specifically for five Indonesian citizens who want treatment for back pain or pinched nerves.


“Please contact email: to take part in this medical tour to Tokyo,” he said.

“By using sophisticated equipment and carried out professionally, treatment at Dr. Miyajima is much shorter than at other health facilities. “There is dialysis for six hours per session, there is also four hours each three times a week,” Richard noted.

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