COVID-19 – Indonesia targets 7.5 million Jakartans to be vaccinated by August

Indonesian President Joko Widodo delivered a statement after observing the COVID-19 mass vaccination in Jakarta on Monday (June 14, 2021). (screenshot from the Indonesian Cabinet Secretariat video)

Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – Indonesian President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has expected the COVID-19 vaccination in the national capital of Jakarta to cover 7.5 million residents by the end of August.

He made the statement after observing the COVID-19 mass vaccination for the public and workers, which was carried out at an apartment  here on Monday (June 14).


The head of state said that Jakarta has a high level of community interaction and mobility, and therefore the speed of vaccination program will determine the success of efforts to deal with the pandemic.

The government will also prioritize vaccinations for people living in vulnerable areas.

So far, 11,568,443 people across Indonesia have been injected with the second doses of the COVID-19 vaccines, while 20,158,937 people have received the first doses.


As of Tuesday, Indonesia recorded more than 1.9 million positive cases of COVID-19 and 53,116 deaths.

Reporting by Indonesia Window


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