COVID-19 – Indonesia receives 4 mln doses of Sinovac vaccine

Indonesia on Tuesday (October 26, 2021) received 1 million doses of Sinovac vaccine from the Chinese government, marking the 100th stage of all vaccine arrivals in the country. (The Indonesian Secretariat President/YouTube/screenshot)

Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – Indonesia on Monday (Nov. 1) received an arrival of 4 million doses of Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine. The arrival is the 110th stage of the total vaccines arrived in the country.

With the 4 million doses of Sinovac vaccine, the total number of vaccines that have arrived in Indonesia has reached 317,494,660 doses, both in the form of ready-to-use vaccines and in bulks, said spokesperson for COVID-19 vaccination of the Indonesian Ministry of Health, Siti Nadia Tarmizi, in a press statement received here on Monday (Nov. 1).


All ready-to-use vaccines received by Indonesia are immediately distributed to all regions throughout the country to accelerate the rate of vaccination against COVID-19.

“We reiterate that all COVID-19 vaccines used in Indonesia are safe and efficacious, and have received authorization from Indonesia’s National Agency of Drug and Food Control,” she said.

The total number of vaccines that have been distributed to all regions in the country during the January-October period 2021 is 235,598,924 doses with the details as follows:

  • CoronaVac 1 3,000,000 doses
  • CoronaVac 2 (through purchase contract) 49,568,476 doses
  • CoronaVac 1 (via grant) 10,723,080 doses
  • CoronaVac 2 (grant from the Chinese Government) 1,999,376 doses
  • Covid-19 Bio Farma 121,091,300 doses
  • AstraZeneca (through the Covax Facility, B2B, and grants) of 28,527,224 doses
  • Moderna 8.000,160 doses
  • Sinopharm (grant from Saudi Arabia) 749,502 doses
  • Sinopharm RC (grant from the Chinese Government) 170,000 doses
  • Janssen 450,020 doses
  • Pfizer 18,104,580 doses

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