Autistic girl sells art works for underprivileged families

One of Raysha’s colorful paintings. (LSPR Jakarta)

Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – Every person is unique and special. Likewise, Raysha was diagnosed with severe autism when she was at the age of 2.5 years as she was late to grow and to be able to speak.

Severe autism is a level 3 autism spectrum disorder, which means it needs a lot of supports.


Despite growing up in such a condition, Raysha who is now aged 17 years old is able to produce paintings of commercial value.

Under the guidance of her father Kemal Effendi Gani who is the Chief Editor of SWA Magazine and mother Prita Kemal Gani who is the founder and CEO of the London School of Public Relations (LSPR) Jakarta, Raysha Dinar Kemal Gani has launched her paintings on February 14, 2021.

Following the launch, Raysha also marketed her works in various forms of merchandises both offline and online through several Indonesian leading e-commerce platforms.


She then shares the profits she gained from the selling to autistic children from underprivileged families as well as Rumah Autism and Sahabat Anak foundation that have collaborated with Raysha.


Autistic individuals have many obstacles, such as experiencing anxiety, and impaired sensory, motor and concentration abilities.


“They are also easily disturbed by light or sounds,” Prita said, adding that painting was one of the therapies Raysha often used to keeping her motoric sensor active and making her feel calm and happy. “This is an achievement,” she said.

Realizing the importance of various therapies for autistic individuals, especially those from underprivileged families, Raysha’s family had an idea to create merchandises in a prestigious boutique in one of the luxury malls in Jakarta.

“The earnings from the sales will be channeled to help autistic individuals from underprivileged families. All of this thanks to the support of the Raysha Management Team led by Ghina,” explained Prita.


She said that before Raysha’s works were commercialized, her colorful paintings were ‘just’ on display. In fact, families, friends, and guests who attended virtually at the exhibition responded enthusiastically to Raysha’s works and gave positive comments.

Realizing that Raysha has special abilities and understands the severe conditions of autism, her family wants to share with autistic children, especially those from poor families.

Their sincerity was welcomed by Alleira boutique, which happily strives to fulfill Raysha’s wish to help her friends from underprivileged families.


Alleira exclusively produces merchandises of two Raysha’s beautiful paintings entitled Beijing Garden and Blossoming Spring.

Those two paintings can only be found on the Raysha x Alleira merchandises at Alleira Grand Indonesia in Jakarta.

“I didn’t expect Raysha’s paintings to be this beautiful. Of course Alleira wants to support Raysha in helping other autistic individuals from underprivileged families,” said Zaka, COO (Chief Operating Officer) of Alleira Batik.


The merchandises made by Raysha’s paintings are now available in several e-commerce sites such as Tokopedia, Shopee, and LSPR Plaza under a store named Autism World Raysha. The products are also available online at the Alleira Grand Indonesia gallery.

Reporting by Indonesia Window


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