Taiwan welcomes 2020 with fireworks 101

Preparation for the 2020 New Year celebration at the Taipei 101 building, Taiwan. (TETO)

Jakarta (Indonesia Window) – The turn of the year is always a big celebration for most people around the world as it marks the beginning of a new chapter in life.

In Taiwan’s capital city of Taipei, the celebration to welcome the new year 2020 will feature firework displays in one of the tallest buildings in the world, Taipei 101.


The 508-meter-high Taipei 101 which has 101 floors was once the tallest building in the world.

The new 2020 firework displays show the soul and spirit of Taiwan, according to a press release from the Taipei Economic and Trade Office (TETO) received here on Tuesday.

The celebration of the new year 2020 in Taipei 101 is held under the theme “Surprise101 – New 101 Amazing Year” by highlighting the aesthetics of lifestyle, humanities and arts, as well as fashion creativities as an imaginative element.


The firework displays in Taipei 101 will use the updated T-Pad Light Network light. Meanwhile the firework designs and artistic festivities themed “Light of Hope-Taiwan” will feature amazing world-class firework displays.

The theme “Light of Hope-Taiwan” symbolizes Taiwan as a ship of hope that brings cultural diversity, as well as a variety of life and natural products.

The entire Taiwanese community is aboard this hope to welcome 2020 with new hopes and dreams, then to start a new chapter in life together.



The 2020 firework displays in Taipei 101 will be organized in the form of a story containing four parts and six paragraphs.

The first part to open the show is Animal Friendly Say Hi, which features several rare Taiwanese animals, including kwuk cats, black bears, green turtles, black-faced spoonbills, and cherry hook salmon.


Following that event, a boat of hope comes and carries dreams and hopes of the people of Taiwan. The boat unites everyone’s strengths into points of light that are ready to take the viewers on a journey together.

After going through the four sections with the theme “Hope”, “Nature”, “Forward”, and “Future”, the last part of the firework animation show will bring up the “2020 GO Taiwan!”

Not only does the Taipei fireworks party with an animated festivity show a festive celebration, but also illuminates the vision of the future of Formosa Island.


Reporting by Indonesia Window

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